The Wellness Champions

We are a professional group of health experts who ingenuously maximize wellness in the workplace! Each doctor is given a certification number as not only having had completed higher training, but also having received, and maintained, exemplary evaluations in the field. Our speakers and Doctors must complete a meticulous wellness training, and communication courses before being invited to join our elite association.

This program is run by an 'invitation to application', of referred leaders in the field of health and wellness. These principles are enhanced by cutting-edge science, interactive teaching styles, and always include our proactive philosophy that will shift the responsibility of health away from the company, and back into the hands of the employee. The Wellness Champions make recommendations on the important topics of stress management, Nutrition, and initiating healthy routines as an introduction to the more basic foundations of overall health.

More advanced topics can also be covered on an individual or group basis, and will center around the theme of creating healthy living habits. It is through a routine of activities that will impact your corporate culture. This will not only show the employees that the company cares about them as an individual ,it will also enrich their personal and family life. By enriching people first, you will elevate the quality and capabilities of your company or organization. These habits perpetuated, will directly increase productivity and decrease cost of health benefits, and absenteeism.

The Wellness Champions are doctors that received comprehensive training well beyond the required post-graduate degree and are accomplished and adept enough to work with technology used in two NASA missions that is certified by the Space Foundation. This space age technology will keep your 'Corporate Athletes' performing like 'Elite Athletes.'

It is very common for our doctors to be recognized with awards and achievements in their respective fields, and also hold professional affiliations with the most profitable organizations world-wide. You will be utilizing one of the key elements to success when you work with a Wellness Champion.

However, we encourage a fun, engaging spirit, often referred to as 'Edu-taining'. These are not dry, boring gatherings, but rather pivotal calls to take immediate action with healthy daily routines. The emphasis is on proactive steps, not merely the avoidance of disease.

Because this is a complimentary service, the major limitation to companies, fire departments and small businesses has merely been availability of a Wellness Champion. With a recent addition of more doctors, and coupled with the fact that you are an invited guest to this website, we are confident we can accommodate your schedule. Do not hesitate to start this process today!

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